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Financial Exploitation - Elder Abuse

ElderOne of the fastest growing and least understood crimes in the United States involves financial exploitation of vulnerable and incapacitated adults. Nationwide, financial exploitation is the third most frequent type of abuse or neglect of vulnerable and incapacitated adults. Financial exploitation occurs when there is an illegal use of a vulnerable or incapacitated adult’s resources for another person’s gain. Financial exploitation cases typically involve a caretaker, family member, or scam artists who establish confidential relationships with the vulnerable or incapacitated adult and, based upon that relationship, coerce the vulnerable or incapacitated adult to hand over money or property.

Scam artists, who often use alluring titles such as “Senior Advisor” or “Certified Senior Specialist,” often promote the purchase of various estate planning services, including legal and tax counseling, the review of legal documents, and the preparation of new wills, trusts, and other estate planning documents. The scam artists often use durable powers of attorney to drain vulnerable and incapacitated adults of their life savings. Errantly trusted family members also use estate planning tools as a means of gaining access to the vulnerable or incapacitated adult’s assets with the intent to steal the vulnerable or incapacitated adult’s assets.

Financial exploitation and abuse often go unreported because the scam artist or family member has effectively isolated the vulnerable or incapacitated adult from others. Many vulnerable adults do not report abuse because they are ashamed or afraid that they might lose their independence.

Financial exploitation can rob a vulnerable adult of self–esteem and trust, as well as of their means of subsistence. Financial exploitation is a serious crime. If you or someone you know has been a victim of financial exploitation and abuse, we would like to help.

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